My Skyrim Painting

Hello everyone! I apologize for my lack of posting, life has been hectic and I haven’t quite got the swing of things, as it pertains to blogging.

I wanted to chat a little about my painting I did recently (last night, in fact) for my boyfriend, Nate.

I composed a few “Open When” letters for him as a present for Christmas. One of these contained a scratch-off card, and his scratch-off choice happened to be “a painting of your choice.” In all honesty, this was a bit stress-inducing. I always set high expectations for myself, higher than I am usually able to achieve, especially when I have to make something for someone else. I am not a professional artist in any regard, I am quite new to it, truthfully speaking, and my boyfriend, someone I love, requested a painting from me. Perhaps you can see how this is a little stressful.

Here is my final product:


[Please excuse the sheen on the symbol, the paint was still drying]

Thankfully, this painting turned out MUCH better than expected! Of course, I still set my high expectations for it, but I kept in mind that I am no where near professional. So, needless to say, this turned out exquisite in my eyes comparatively to my expectation!

I know with more practice, better materials, and more technique, I will someday be able to paint much better than this.

So, what materials did I use, and what techniques did I use?

I used some basic acrylics (Apple Barrel) that you can find at Walmart. I used a few colors here: 20225E “Bright Blue”, 20255E “Cool Blue”, 20741E “Cloudless”, 20578E “Chocolate Bar”, 20505E “Antique White”, 20504E “Black”, 20587E “Spring Green”, and 21884E “Snow White”. All of these Apple Barrel colors are matte acrylic paints. I mixed a lot of them together for some of the colors I have on the page.

My techniques were found from 13 Must-Know Acrylic Painting Techniques for Beginners and Bob Ross. Now, I understand that the medium Bob Ross paints with is oil. Therefore, I knew and am telling you now as well, that acrylic and oil painting is completely different and you will have different results with the same techniques. Hence why my painting doesn’t even remotely resemble anything Bob Ross paints.

Yes, I have been watching Bob Ross a lot lately.

There you have it! My Skyrim painting for Nate, and yes, he loves it! I hope you’ve enjoyed my sharing of it with you as well. Thank you for your patience with me and I’ll post again really soon!

–Katie Arey


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